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- the story

Calamity Jane - The hookup
Developing the talent of a healing dancer.

I was first introduced to marijuana, aka. Mary Jane, during my year-long visit to the US. The lifestyle involving this healing herb connected me with the "underbelly" of the american society, sort of, constantly on the run and forced to kick back in the shadows. This horrible unjustice and completely misunderstood treatment only served to make the 4:20-family grow stronger, and this really made a deep impact on me.

Moreover, it opened the doors for a completely different mindset and approach towards life as a whole. I was honored by getting in touch with dozens of original and alternative characters during my stay in the northern state of Wisconsin, which not only enriched my personal understandings, but also brought me into some mindblowing experiences I'll never forget. Wonderful people, wonderful music, and wonderful nature became the pillars of my journey across the pond, teaching me how to dance with my inner spirit.

Start of the W-style
Discovering moving meditation.

Back in Norway I kept my brand new values intact and close at heart. To my surprise the reconnection with Jane went unproblematic, and before I knew it I'd made my own lifestyle, inspired by the 4:20-community in the US slightly adjusted to the arctic surroundings.

After a few years action-packed with life on the run, spending a lot of time on the road as well as in the wilderness, combined with hours upon hours on the ballfield, I slowly developed an urgent need of nurturing my soul amidst the hectic city-life. I became hooked on meditation and quickly realized that this is where Mary Jane's healing power shines the most; it's easier to reach a meditative state when dancing with Her.

Furthermore, as I was walking along my path of life I coincidentally stumbled upon the art of qigong. Destiny wanted me to discover Wuji Hundun Qigong Kungfu. This ancient healing dance introduced me to the concept of moving meditation; I was instantly hooked.

On Creativity
First experience in imaging.

Ever since I returned from my year abroad, my interest towards creative communication has been a progressive part of me. This made me curious about the moving image, and ultimately kicked off the learning-process of developing my skills revolving talking through pictures.

Getting schooled in film- and TV-production, I became familiar with journalism, story-telling and image-composition, not to mention the magic of the post-process taking place on the digital domain.

The introduction of the powerful possibilities on the pc-platform became a real eye-opener for me back then in the late 90's, and with the internet rolling up, I quickly adopted the digital dimension as a place to express myself creatively. After several years of working with video-production, filming and editing, combined with some web-design, I chose to change direction slightly and started working as a journalist in my local newspaper. Working as a photographer and a writer, I developed my own voice on both levels, creatively speaking.

Portable Document Format

The secret behind the choice of using pdf as a name is nuanced. Not only is it a personal matter, but also one with a symbolic value; I wanted to pay some respect to Adobe as it was their solid software-package After Effects that served me as an entrance to the digital domain in the first place, catapulting me into a never-ending journey. Now as the world turns, our ways of communication changes with it, and with the world wide web constantly available, 24/7, on our mobile units, I find it quite suitable to define a simple webpage as a kind of Portable Document Format.

The reason for the .biz-domain is obviously because this is a bona fide-business. The sole purpose for this site is to spread awareness of Mother Nature's impressive ways of including each and every one of us on Her worldwide freeride!

A coupla moves


This is a very symbolic move of the Wuji-set, involving a scooping motion inwhich you get in touch with a broad part of your energyfield.


As a way of greeting the sunrise, this is always the first move of the Wuji-set.


A very good move to strengthen the shoulder-joints, and teaching you to utilize the edgy elbows.