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Wuji Hundun
Qigong Kungfu

This 5000 year-old healing dance was originally designed to create energy, revitalising inner balance through clever movements and by effectively turning the intrinsic breathing-pattern of our bodies into a supercharged door-opener, unlocking central aspects of our interconnected unity as one with Mother Nature. Elegantly guiding you into a meditative state by combining seemingly simple bodymoves with the more spiritualized part of our complex systems, namely our psyche, or in a more funky manner; our infinite imagination. (Fascinatingly, this impressive inclusion and humble accept of the invisible forces surrounding us at all times, made possible an approach towards fundamental issues regarding our very existence, turns out to be much more correct and precise, in all aspects, compared with present approaches, according fresh scientific discoveries).

I’m not going to use any more words on this topic at the moment, except to add a couple of interesting aspects regarding this ancient and somewhat secretive system of selfdefence: To begin with the movements was first and foremost designed for the workers out on the rice-fields, constantly walking with a heavy load on their backs and with water more or less up to their knees. Managing to stay true to its origins, Wuji has evolved into a fullfetched dance, involving the complete body and then some, yet interestingly without moving your feet at all! I find this as a quite exotic fact about this effective dance of old, actually the oldest one we know of on this planet. Also worth mentioning is the fact that these moves, originally carved out for the sole purpose of helping out a heavy-burdened workforce, proved to be so effective that the army caught up on the momentum-building trend, incorporating the system in its combat-driven war-machine. Sticking to the meditative core, yet simultaneously managing to fine-tune it a bit towards their needs, elegantly evolving it into a vicious selfdefence-system, openly hidden behind the slowrolling meditation-profile.

Rotating a big ball
Nurturing your energy-field
Connecting with the crown-shakra; hui
Finding your tiger-claw

Cutting some ice

Coa - the familiar cross