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Thank you so much for coming to my Web site. I am a writer and a dancer with an original story I would love to share with you. I am a norwegian viking deeply connected with Mother Nature through our heavenly beautiful scenery, both alpine ruggedness and oceanic freshness. In accord with my ancient roots I have always been fascinated by journeys and adventures of all sorts, something you can get familiar with in my book EXCLUSIVELY here. The book, and the whole of this website for that matter, is dedicated to nature, and money made from sales is used for further promotion of our planet through education and bleeding heart mentality.

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My first book is describing my latest major journey.

As I said in my previous interview, my first book about my adventurous trip to Copenhagen, Denmark, contains some fictional elements as well as poetry. Throughout the book I keep a keen eye on the ancient healing dance Wuji Hundun Qigong Kungfu.

Did you

My fascination of traveling solo started with a year as an exchange-student in the US.

Back in '94 I lived a year with a family up north in Wisconsin. I was lucky enough to get in touch with some amazing people making the whole experience into an unforgettable trip altogether. Some of these mindblowing moments serves as inspiration for several intriguing descriptions in my book.


Jane's pdf is an environMENTALLY friendly format.

The essence of this site is to promote Mother Nature's powerful presence in our society. More specifically the aim is to shed some light on the healing herb marijuana aka. Mary Jane. As with Her Mother, She's been ignored and forced into the shadows for a long time.


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