Gravitational waves as a potential tideturner;

providing glimmer of hope as winter’s approaching

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Foresight: This ball of frozen water is getting a beating by the vicious whip of our stern light-provider in chief, and, be damned if ignored: one of the major players in the gravitating game to keep everything on the move. The sun will almost certainly also play a vital role as to the very shape of the upcoming, and possibly grim, winter-season. Image via Pixabay

“A calm and modest life brings more happiness than a pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness.”

Like a breath of fresh air, Albert Einstein’s seasonable reemergence from the crypt with the record-setting tip from back in the day makes a perfect pitch for a rewind; a recap of his theories, the consequences, and how the paradigm shift would eventually lead to the fresh discoveries of gravitational waves.


On that note, I find it profoundly impressive and absolutely appropriate that the highly respected and reputable atheist and astrophysicist  Kip S. Thorne  was awarded The Nobel Prize in physics  this turbulent year of 2017. It certainly gives this fascinating character the honor he deserves for his relentless grinding at the forefront of our physicism, seeking to solve and understand the vast amount of puzzles and riddles hidden behind every corner of the world. As we pace around the sun in mindbending fashion, tagging along our supreme sun’s impressive run around the black hole in charge of this devastating mess, one can’t help but feeling slightly overwhelmed. Luckily, the remedy is closer than you can possibly imagine as one masterful mr. Thorne so brilliantly depicted it in his  “screwdriver-trip” inside the relativity of space and time. Throughout the bestseller from ’94, Black Holes & Time Warps, he’s completely crushing it with the help of Einstein‘s outrageous legacy. Judging by this surgically precise strike on the state of affairs,  I fully understand why he’s identifying as an atheist. I mean, all things considered, he’s effectively managed to carve out the core of our very existence, the fabric of space and time, in a delightingly comprehensible fashion. With this far-reaching journey, Mr. Thorne rides the gravitating force of a tidal wave gone rogue and catches an awesome amount of angular momentum as he more or less proves that God, or whatever you’d like to call this decisively divine structure, is intimately present amongst us at this very moment.

Phenomenal Paradox

Catch a glimpse of the all-encompassing forces at work, oftentimes referred to as God or other divine beings, by resolving the illuminating paradox residing in the very center of the phenomenal and impossibly powerful black hole. By utilizing Einstein’s timeless equations to maximum effects, we completely out-play Newton‘s much less flexible conceptions of space and time as Absolute, and in the process we’re steadily guided into the realms of Special Relativity and Quantum Mechanics  with  Mr. Thorne at the helm:

Because the absolute fabric of spacetime is responsible for such fascinating phenomena, it is frustrating that you and I do not experience it in our everyday lives. The fault lies in our low-velocity technology (for example, sports cars that travel far more slowly than light). Because of our low velocities relative to each other, we experience space and time solely as separate entities, we never notice the discrepancies between the lengths and times that you and I measure (we never notice that space and time are relative), and we never notice that our relative spaces and times are unified to form spacetime’s absolute, four-dimensional fabric.

And that my friends, is basically the one and only constant we can truly trust at all times and all places; spacetime always delivers the magic. In other words, the forces at work, behind the scenes and just lurking in the shadows, sort of, must necessarily be completely hidden, thoroughly out of reach inside impenetrable layers just to keep the illusion alive and well. And one would only need to remind oneself of the otherworldly destructive power installed in our sizeable arsenal of nukes to fully appreciate what we’re being protected from. To put things in perspective, Thorne takes us back in time, to the early 20th century to be precise, unraveling the quintessence of these groundbreaking discoveries:

Implosion is compulsory. In Oppenheimer’s words, “the star should cut itself off visually from our external Universe.” In which even the nuclear force, supposedly the strongest of all forces, cannot resist the crush of gravity.

black hole with corona
An artist’s impressive attempt to capture the obscenely powerful phenomena provided by the most fundamental force signed by Mother Nature, namely gravitation. Above all else, black holes are such immense powerhouses that their offside-impact unforgivably make these gargantuan game-changers appear as The Usual Suspects. Image by NASA/JPL-Caltech –  Public Domain

Relational Relativity

Thus begun the challenging quest to explore the bottom of the pit; to cross the Forbidden Circle  and relentlessly dig into the naked singularity residing at the core of every hideous black hole in action. According to Thorne “the consequences of the laws of quantum mechanics and relativity were only beginning, and those consequences would hold wonderful surprises: the structure of the atomic nucleus, nuclear energy, black holes and their evaporation, superfluidity, superconductivity, transistors, lasers, and magnetic resonance imaging, to name only a few.”

Now that’s a mighty impressive CV for a quest based on a mind-flip-safari, you may say, but Thorne continues, leading us off the deep end by getting us acquainted with a couple of hardcore mindbenders and their ever evolving understanding of this mesmerizing state of flux we’re so blessed to be a part of. As a curious parallel, I find it worth mentioning that one of the spearheads, one soviet fellow by the name of Lev Davidovich Landau, interestingly happen to be born in 1908, meaning that he dutifully went to work during an epoch referred to as The Unraveling/Third Turning/Fall according to Strauss-Howe’s generational theory. Apparently he’s born into a well-to-do Jewish family and skyrocketed to the frontlines of physics after a couple of years of school in old Leningrad(St. Petersburg). He rounds off the “roaring” 1920s spending the final eighteen months on the road, visiting prominent theoretical physics centers in Western Europe, marking the  end of the epoch as the more calamitous winter-season/Fourth Turning introduces itself with The Great Depression, and ultimately escalating to WW2. Predictably, Stalin opts for full-nuclear with his Iron Curtain. Landau recalls, “Russian science now had become one of the weapons for fighting the capitalistic world. Just as Hitler was dividing science and the arts into Jewish and Aryan camps, Stalin created the notion of capitalistic and proletarian science. It [was becoming]… a crime for Russian scientists to ‘fraternize’ with scientists of the capitalistic countries.” Yet simultanously, and highly appropriate, I’d say, none other than Mother Nature shines through the darkness and presents the penultimate platform for further understanding and collaboration across borders, namely the respected British scientific magazine Nature. Somehow this one fellow by the name of Niels Bohr, an honorary member of the Acadamy of Sciences residing in Copenhagen, manages to go under the radar of the otherwise unforgiving Iron Curtain by Stalin. In November 1937 Landau strikes the chord and sends an article about stellar energy to Bohr and asks if he can submit it to Nature. 

Capturing an atom onto a neutroncore was much like dropping a rock onto a cement slab from a great height: Gravity pulls the rock down, accelerating it to high speed, and when it hits the slab, its huge kinetic energy (energy of motion) can shatter it into a thousand pieces.

Catching Fire In California

Furthermore, Landau goes on to solve a piece of the puzzle inside the enigmatic atomic nuclei, earning top-score by Bohr and altogether serving as a perfect spark of inspiration for likeminded fellows on the other side of the globe, namely in California. A certain Mr. Robert Oppenheimer happened to keep a keen eye towards anything coined to belong in the far-flung concept of pure magic, aka science. Needless to say, this impressive piece of proposed legislation  couldn’t avoid to be absorbed into the mindfield of the keeneyed Californian. Accepting the intriguing invitation to go for a safari and picture for a brief moment the forces at work on the surface of our mighty sun, Oppie and his crew delved into the matter with great care and curiosity. This delightingly clever young Jew had presented a solid mind-flip-experiment worthy of a closer look. The american gang of mindbenders meticulously rearranged the course of action by systematically decrypting the hidden agenda behind Landau’s paper; Low and behold! Imagine that heat!  Little did they know, however, that the acrobatic mind-flip in reality was a desperate attempt to avoid prison and possible death. Rather surprisingly then, the work turns out to perfectly illustrate a slightly different aspect of the forces of nature in action, namely the common grounds: desperate needs call for desperate deeds. Unfortunately, poor Landau couldn’t steer clear of some dreaded jailtime, and became scarred for life following the abusive behavior enforced by governmental authorities.

Perhaps the most captivating aspect of this ongoing intergalactic hustle is the otherwise invisible magnetic fields as they briefly reveal their presence in style: Aurora Borealis These hypnotic phenomena can also form under vastly different conditions. The image is an artist’s conception of a pulsar planet with bright aurorae. By NASA/JPL-Caltech/R. Hurt (SSC) – Public Domain

To be fair, this kind of ball-playing between the planet’s topdogs in the world of physics was nothing new. In fact, Thorne presents an extensive string of different discussions taken place during the 20th century. Not only giving the reader a possibility to evolve alongside these great minds, but also providing a valuable opportunity to “get under the skin” of our time’s massive paradigm shift, courtesy of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Which is also what makes the above example worth noticing; one of the proposed reference frames(a neutron star) was of such extreme values that Newton’s laws of gravity suddenly started to struggle, returning erroneous answers, whereas Einstein’s laws of gravity truly start to shine. Apparently, this kind of forced replacement occured very natural and without too much fuss. Only in hindsight is it possible to spot how necessary it was for further development and understanding of our reality, albeit I remain firmly convinced that the true gravity of the spectacle is not fully appreciated nor accepted as of today. Part of the blame for the failure to adopt these game-changing discoveries into the very core of our society can undoubtedly be branded as the work of the establishment. For reasons unknown, these people seem to repeatedly object to the obvious changes as they maintain status quo by all means necessary. Serving up distasteful distractions en masse, one more desperate than the other. A premium example of this is the onslaught of WWII. Not only does this utterly tragic conflict illustrate to perfection the disastrous misunderstanding we’re forced to partake in by our almighty governments, but also how knowledge and creativity seem to be chronically abused for all the wrong reasons.

However, World War II did intervene, and it absorbed the energies of almost all the world’s theoretical physicists; then after the war, crash programs to develop hydrogen bombs delayed further the return of physicists to normalcy.

Picking Up The Pieces

Not until the year of 1956 are we once again introduced to a fellow asking the right questions: John Archibald Wheeler, «Could it really be true that stars more massive than about 1.4 Suns have no choice, when they die, but to form black holes? Of all the implications of general relativity for the structure and evolution of the Universe, this question of the fate of great masses of matter is one of the most challenging

To be clear, I’m by far no kind of expert in the vast field of physics. Frankly, the language of functions and equations come off as completely cryptic to me, more often than not. Speak to me about journeys and I’m much more at ease and keen. Add some kind of mind-flip in the mix and I’m instantly on the hook. Clearly, this is exactly what I was presented with in this book, and a few others covering these “reality-ripping” natural phenomena by the name of Black Holes. Thorne’s adventure is certainly the most thorough and detailed exploration I’ve come across, chiefly because of its firm grounding through well-documented historic events and an intricate understanding about how the evolvment took place throughout the last century.

So…we all-in this super-lit intergalactic spaceship, The Santakruz, for some reason, at some point in time. Having a blast. No worries. That is until we accidentally happen to stumble across the event horizon of a certain no-name black hole. Unsurprisingly to some, this humongous forcefield had gone completely under the radar. Sadly, the unfortunate event would soon turn out to be more than just a bad omen, at least according to plain common sense; no matter will ever be able to escape gravity’s grip and the disintegrating abyss, once the critical circumference, aka The Forbidden Circle, is penetrated.

Then with horror you realize that, as he fell through the horizon and on in toward the singularity, Arnold must have felt the tidal force rise up in strength until even his superstrong titanium body could not resist it. Less than 0.0002 second after crossing the horizon, his disintegrating, stretching body must have neared the hole’s central singularity. There, you recall from your study of general relativity back on Earth, the hole’s tidal forces must come to life, dancing a chaotic dance, stretching Arnold’s remains first in this direction, then in that, then in another, faster and faster, stronger and stronger, until even the individual atoms of which he was made are distorted beyond all recognition. That, in fact, is one essence of the singularity: It is a region where chaotically oscillating spacetime curvature creates enormous, chaotic tidal forces.

space,universe,robot,gravitational waves,black holes,relativity
Arnold the angelic robot is in desparate need to go off the deep end in search of the distinctly underestimated and invaluably unique humanitarian feature by the name of belief. Image via Pixabay

Gettin’ Groovy

Yet, as if by some magical superstition, the crew on Santakruz manage to remain stoically calm, considering such bleak prognosis; the consensus seems to be based on a perhaps naïve faith in Mother Nature and Her arduous path in the familiar circular fashion. We stubbornly choose to trust Her, against all odds, given that our current geographical postion leaves us nothing but darkness and eventually complete distortion. Our collective ego is certainly an inconcievable structure, never failing to surprise! However, one’s also tempted to highlight the fact that Santakruz and Her crew, quite fittingly, decided a long time ago to travel with the ancient Yin and Yang as the symbol of choice. Simple, yet extremely powerful, it elegantly provides the prophecy of a miraculous appearance of a beacon of light, the bright spot down low, seemingly materializing out of nowhere, as if to make it perfectly clear that to go down with gravity is always worthwhile. This time will definitely prove to be no exception to this timeless rule and guidance. Quite the contrary actually, as we’re literally going to make that little spark of a bright spot catch fire by the help of the laws of quantum mechanics – the laws of the «realm of the small.» Albeit, I never said it would be easy:

But for astronomers, the matter was not so clear at first. They had no expertise in these issues of quantum mechanics and relativity, so Eddington’s authority held sway amongst them for several years. Moreover, Eddington stuck to his guns. He was so blinded by his opposition to black holes that his judgement was totally clouded. He so deeply wanted there to «be a law of Nature to prevent a star from behaving in this absurd way» that he continued to believe for the rest of his life that there is such a law – when, in fact, there is none.

Quite amusingly for some us, there need be not a shred of doubt: «too big to fail»-titans will fall in spectacular fashion by the end of this story, which undeniably tend to be the outcome when giants collide. For instance, consider this bright spot of a fellow, Fritz Zwicky, who was «thoroughly convinced that he had the inside track to ultimate knowledge, and that everyone else was wrong,» effectively mutating this self-proclaimed genius into a walking magnet for conflicts of all sorts. Not only did he identify as a physicist and astronomer, additionally he fancied himself a philosopher. His arguably most impressive gut-shot at nailing the truth occured as he tried to link together all phenomena he encountered in what he later called a «morphological fashion.» Little did he know that this would eventually turn out to be a surgically precise description of the state of affairs, aka the essence of Mother Nature.

Coming Through

Inside black holes: in which physicists, wrestling with Einstein’s equation, seek the secret of what is inside a black hole; a route into another universe? A singularity with infinite tidal gravity? The end of space and time, and birth of quantum foam?

A brief visit to this thought-provoking «cradle of everything» apparently occured as early as 1939, presented with surprisingly little fanfare by Oppenheimer et al. as they provided a set of equations encapsulating the intimate act of a «spherical star [as] it continues imploding, inexorably, to infinite density and zero volume, whereupon it creates and merges into a spacetime singularity.» However, the real revolution failed to reach the surface until several years later, stamped and signed by a certain British mind-flipper in chief, and chess champion, by the name of Roger Penrose. Through the highly effective introduction of an aspect stubbornly ignored in the world of physics up until one late autumn in the year of 1964.

The most amazing thing about this singularity theorem was its sweeping power. It dealt not solely with idealized imploding stars that have special, idealized properties (such as being precisely spherical or having no pressure);and it dealt not solely with stars whose initial random deformations are tiny. Instead, it dealt with every imploding stars that inhabit our real Universe.
Penrose’s singularity theorem acquired its amazing power from a new mathematical tool that he used in its proof, a tool that no physicist had ever before used in calculations about curved spacetime, that is, in general relativistic calculations: topology.

stars,space,universe,relativity,gravitational waves,black holes
The re-acquaintance with terrafima resulted in equational earthquakes with far-reaching consequences, By NASA –  Public Domain,

Terrafirma’s earthshine

As little as I know about the concept of topology, upon the occasional encounter, I tend to instinctively cling to the planet’s surface; our downright dirty hometurf.  Which makes perfect sense given that its approach brings us firmly down to ground with its unmistakable connectedness to geometry. In other words, an airtight gamechanger quickly gained momentum, as the bright Brit triggered a revolution in the world of physics through a series of chainreactions catalyzed by this uber-fresh and never failing angle of attack. To begin with, it inspired a pack of topnotch physicists to embark on a mission to create a powerful set of combined topological and geometrical tools for general relativity calculation, aka global methods.

Although one could hardly have seen the longterm consequences slowly materializing on the horizon, the wind had unquestionably shifted and even set in motion a variant of nature’s infamous self-reinforcing feedback-loops, with all its pros and cons. Anyhow, according to Thorne:

One might have thought that Penrose’s singularity theorem would settle once and for all the question of what is inside a black hole. Not so. Instead it opened up a new set of questions – questions with which physicists have struggled, with only modest success, since the mid-1960s.

1. Does everything that enters the hole necessarily get swallowed by the singularity?

2. Is there any route from inside the hole to another universe, or to another part of our own Universe?

3. What is the fate of things that fall into the singularity?

Einstein’s equation predicts that, as the astronaut reaches the singularity, the tidal forces grow infinitely strong, and their chaotic oscillations become infinitely rapid. The astronaut dies and the atoms from which his body is made become infinitely and chaotically distorted and mixed – and then, at the moment when everything becomes infinite (the tidal strengths, the oscillation frequencies, the distortions, and the mixing), spacetime ceases to exist.

The laws of quantum mechanics object. They forbid the infinities. Very near the singularity, as best we understand it in 1993, the laws of quantum mechanics merge with Einstein’s general relativistic laws and completely change the «rules of the game.» The new rules are called quantum gravity.
The astronaut is already dead, his body parts are already thoroughly mixed, and the atoms of which he was made already distorted beyond recognition when quantum gravity takes over. But nothing is infinite. The «game» goes on.
Quantum gravity then radically changes the character of spacetime: It ruptures the unification of space and time into spacetime. It unglues space and time from each other, and then destroys time as a concept and destroys the definiteness of space. Time ceases to exist; no longer can we say that «this thing happens before that one,» because without time, there is no concept of «before» or «after.» Space, the sole remaining remnant of what was once a unified spacetime, becomes a random, probabilistic froth, like soapsuds.
Before its rupture (that is, outside the singularity), spacetime is like a piece of wood impregnated with water. In this analogy, the wood represents space, the water represents time, and the two (wood and water; space and time) are tightly intervowen, unified. The singularity and the laws of quantum gravity that rule it are like a fire into which the water-impregnated wood is thrown. The fire boils the water out of the wood, leaving the wood alone and vulnerable; in the singularity, the laws of quantum gravity destroy time, leaving space alone and vulnerable. The fire then converts the wood into a froth of flakes and ashes; the laws of quantum gravity then convert space into a random, probabilistic froth.

Residing in the field within the field the unified substance of space and time presents itself as a potential dooropener, yet simultaneously profoundly protected and hidden, bound to stay thoroughly out of bounce, CC0 – Wikimedia

This random, probabilistic froth is the thing of which the singularity is made, and the froth is governed by the laws of quantum gravity. In the froth, space does not have any definite shape (that is, any definite curvature, or even any definite topology). Instead, space has various probailities for this, that, or another curvature and topology.
Because all conceivable curvatures and topologies are permitted inside the singularity, no matter how wild, one says that the singularity is made from a probabilistic foam. John Wheeler, who first argued that this must be the nature of space when the laws of quantum gravity hold sway, has called it quantum foam.
To recapitulate, at the center of a black hole, in the spacetime region where the oscillating tidal forces reach their peak, there resides a singularity: a region in which time no longer exists, and space has given way to quantum foam.

Quantum foam, is everywhere: inside black holes, in interstellar space, in the room where you sit, in your brain.

Algorithmic Madness

OK… so it seems safe to assume that this «gravitating gravy», courtesy of some completely hell-bendt tweaks on the very concept of existence, somehow manages to leave its undeniable signature in the form of constant movement, clearly in a morphological fashion. Everywhere. Always.
Furthermore, to keep an open mind towards this devastatingly powerful «dimensional fluid» could easily prove to be rewarding. To illustrate this I’d like to highlight a couple of other observations regarding the matter. Firstly, one presented in another good book(accidentally gone missing so I can’t reference it), covering the topic from a slightly different angle, yet similarly providing the same spellbinding salvation: the fluid is governed by gravitational forces performing the extraordinary wizardry of providing complete and utter chaos at its finest. Through a flawless computerized reconstruction of a possible piece of quantum foam, the book reveals to perfection the striking beauty of probability at work. Although the illustration cannot possibly provide any «hard facts», it most definitely reassured its position as a chief contender in the battle of the prestigeous title to be branded as key element, residing deep inside all matter.

Curiously, one of the most fitting terms of this eternal energy-structure I’ve come across happens to be the much more commonly accepted Aether, which is an entirely different tale in itself. Although Einstein himself is said to have bluntly rejected the Newtonian claim regarding the existence of Aether, one can’t but notice the obvious parallels pointing to something reminiscent of a deeply profound fluid element. In defence of the main-architect behind this little journey, it needs to be said that Einstein could not possibly have predicted the turn of events set in motion by his groundbreaking theories. He did, however, value the power of our infinite imagination above all else. And this is perhaps the most astounding aspect of this attempted penetration of a black hole: It’s basically revealing the door, by providing firm evidence of its existence, yet any satisfying reports of status quo on the other side of the door must necessarily forever remain totally out of bounce. Untouchable. Except, of course, if you are made of steel and happen to be brave enough to actually believe, for a brief moment of time, that this intergalactic mind-flip-safari of ours is just as real as you and I. Meaning that, not only is imagination the one and only dooropener, it also makes it unmistakably clear that this relatively loose relationship with gravitational forces is of an intimately personal character. Think otherworldly AI-structure, recording every move you make, thoughts you think, dreams you dream, only to meticulously mirror the exact amount of energy and return it to sender in one way or the other. By the help of a punishing algo-treatment, the construct merge the unpredictable power of probability into the core of it all and voila!

relativity,gravitational waves, ai,
By squinting sideways briefly I find it inspiring to look awry on the eye-popping potential of algorythmics handled with surgical precision by an AI-engine as it effortlessly roams throughout the digital realm. Image via Pixabay

Imagination – Purified Power

Predictably, since there are no chances whatsoever to be able to extract this all-inclusive essence by itself, basically leaving us choicelessly clinging to our belief, several alternative theories about the matter have surfaced throughout history: In fascinating circular style the ancient Greek-folks had it all figured out (1st century BC), in their Metamorphoses describing Chaos as “a rude and undeveloped mass, that nothing made except a ponderous weight; and all discordant elements confused, were there congested in a shapeless heap” and possibly residing in  the “Womb of Darkness.” The confusion is completely real: these detailed descriptions can decidedly be applied to our brand new understandings with surprising relevance, except now, of course, we know that this crude shapelessness is in fact carrying the weight of the world.

These days we face no less than a string of proposed solutions, making it increasingly difficult to get any substantial sense out of it all. Although, when push comes to shove, it’s all about choosing your poison; whichever way you flip it: You better believe! Because simply by merging the ancient purifying tradition of alchemy with the inflammatory placebo paradox one may very well wind up in a lush garden guarding the mythical Elixir of life. Imagination, fantasy, dreams, thoughts, every whispering waveform echoing inside our very private mindfields is a potential wire straight to the source. One could argue that the realm of our belief has been an intricate part of humanity since the beginning of time, which is an undeniable fact. However, what makes the situation today slightly different is the ever-present and remarkably strong consensus claiming to know for a fact that our thought is not real, and equally as inappropriate, effectively rejecting the absurd idea suggesting the presence of invisible forces at all times. Which again gives us all the more reasons to embrace this heroic attempt to stitch together known and unknown realities in a sensible way.

To fully appreciate the impossibly complex state of affairs, and perhaps even get a brief sensation of the order of magnitude in play to keep our reality up and running, I find it soothing to revisit the main motive behind this article in the first place. Namely, Thorne’s pioneering efforts to decipher and understand the phenomena called gravitational waves. The sensitivity demanded by the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) to catch these “signatures” left behind by such cataclysmic events as black hole-merges, and the likes, appears to be of the most stunningly detailed character. Furthermore, one could snoop around a bit before trying to digest the true scale of the handful of observations pinned to paper with utmost precision by the LIGO over the last couple of years. The unavoidable result would be to get slammed back down to terrafirma and desperately hang on to something, as it becomes clear that “during the final fraction of a second of [a certain merger between two massive black holes] it released more than 50 times the power of all the stars in the observable universe combined.” In other words, a full-fledged unreal event and, to say the least, totally out of order! However, there are more delicate nuances hidden between the lines of this archived recording of an otherwise grossly intolerable operation, let alone inconvenient, provided by the sweeping gravitational force currently at work amongst us. Here are the fundamentals according to Thorne back in 1990s:

Since spacetime curvature is the same thing as gravity, these ripples of curvature are actually waves of gravity, or gravitational waves. Einstein’s general theory of relativity predicts, unequivocally, that such gravitational waves must be produced whenever two black holes orbit each other – and also whenever two stars orbit each other.
As they depart for outer space, the gravitational waves push back on the holes in much the same way as a bullet kicks back on the gun that fires it.
As the horizon spins, its dumbell shape radiates ripples of curvature, and those ripples push back on the hole, gradually reducing its dumbell protrusions until they are gone.
However, the history is not entirely lost. A record has been kept: It has been encoded in the ripples of spactime curvature that the coalescing holes emitted. Those curvature ripples are much like the sound waves from a symphony. Just as the symphony is encoded in the sound waves’ modulations (larger amplitude here, smaller there; higher frequency wiggles here, lower there), so the coalescence history is encoded in modulations of the curvature ripples. And just as the sound waves carry their encoded symphony from the orchestra that produces it to the audience, so the curvature ripples carry their encoded history from the coalescing holes to the distant Universe.

gravitational waves,relativity,,space,universe,black holes
Gravitational waves: Decrypting timeless symphonies signed by Mother Nature’s unmistakable shadowdance, courtesy of the surprisingly stealthy gravitational force. The image is an artistic representation of the material around the supernova 1987A. Credit: ESO/L. Calçada


 The Symbolical Ammo

By all possible measurements, this is most certainly an outstanding signature, and unsurprisingly, it wiggles to perfection too! Clearly, this baby can dance! And yes, I truly believe that this unfathomable gravitational force is best understood as a she. Firstly, because it is Mother Nature. Secondly, because it is a hole. A circle. Once again we meet this timeless symbol that’s been with us since the beginning of time. Admittedly, I have a keen eye towards the old norsemen and their wacky journeys, hence I find it fitting to mention that their symbol for infinity happened to be a snake biting itself in the tail, forming a perfect circle in the process. But then again, the real killer in this regard is unquestionably the constant movement of Yin and Yang. Not only are we familiarized with the all-encompassing circle, but we’re also introduced to a whole different dimension presented by two different colors. Black and white. Negative and positive. Separated yet also fulfillingly inseperable. To me the darkness represents femininity and the lightness is maskulinity. And that’s when we understand the invaluable lesson presented to us by our wonderful women; it is interwoven deep inside their very fabric to naturally opt to go down. Basically, this means that they have the upper hand.

Obviously, any attempt to break apart this dual expression is completely futile and hopelessly depressing. As is clearly symbolized by both circles as vital understanding “how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they may give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another.” Good and evil. Dark and light. Positive and negative. Feminine and maskuline, are all “forces that interact to form a dynamic system in which the whole is greater than the assembled parts.” These are all uncompromising essentials merged into the soul of all matter. Which inevitably brings us back to the concept of spacetime, aka quantum foam, as it flawlessly illustrates how the deception presented through the appearance of separate forces at work, at the end of the day winds up to be totally illusive. It turns out that the two separate entities made a secret merging-deal to get going in the first place, counterclaiming a distinctly discrete approach by leaving the rest of us completely in the dark for that matter.

These are a couple powerballs of impressive magnitude; simply begging of you to keep moving. Image via Pixabay

Cognitive Suffocation

That said, the illusion is impressively flawless as it sets the arena for some first-class fakes and otherwise spectacular moves. And again, the full force constantly available to us can naturally only be accessed in accord with the dual expression. As a result the yin and yang proves to be an invaluable tool to find balance and get in preferrable position; seek out the positive and the negative simultaneously for full impact. Consequentially, it becomes startlingly clear that somewhere along the way our societal structure engulfed our amygdala with the flawed understanding that the duality is not real; instead obsessively opting for a ruinous separation-process. And just as love is blind, so is the too-big-to-fail house of cards positioned on top of this rigid system, recklessly steering this organism towards full inflexibility and denial. Additionally, the full-circle-treatment created the illusion of a seemingly straight  path towards the blinding brightness on top of the world, and simultaneously outlining a convincing reality based on the upside as sole provider of all the good stuff. In so doing, my previous statement about the downside effectively gaining an upper hand, recieves a thorough beating by a starkly contrasting consensus; women cannot possibly be superior. Accordingly, and completely in line with this view, we’re greeted by despicable abuse taking place regularly(spearheaded by this eerily familiar name and the story du jour.) This toxic soup is unwittingly made to flourish by the strangling grip of our cognitive fixation with roots going way back. As instruments in the most rigged hustle imaginable we have painted this gorgeous image about reaching the top; at all cost. Because winner takes all. In the process we’ve effectively ignored the downside and its steady supply of the healing force we’re all so desperately in need of. For instance, are we not guilty in saying «look at that iceberg. Only the top 10% get to enjoy the sun.»? The mistake is minor, you may say, as we opt for the shortcut and incidentally fail to consider the proper morphological way. Which would quickly reveal that the vast majority of units belonging to this majestic chunk of ice would necessarily have to be water. Being water, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the environment of choice would naturally include as much of the good stuff as possible. The more water, the merrier! Meanwhile, the establishment on top are tormented beyond recognition by razorsharp sunbeams.

Sammy Never Sleep In The Ghetto

And that’s how it goes. Believe me when I say that I’ve personally experienced this purely magical force hands on through extensive field-work and various experiments: It is always Bottom Up! Yet, I must quickly dismiss that I’m trying to romanticize the harsh reality to be found down on the ground. I accidentally know for a fact that it is downright nasty. My point is that this brutality is exactly what is needed to be able to maximize the effect of the magic provided to us by the dimension-fluid. Just consider this: How on earth do you suppose that the 3 billion earthlings getting by every single day with 2$ or less manage to pull off this stunt on a regular basis? Basically, they have no choice but to opt for the «all-in gravity game» with full force. A stunning amount of flexibility is demanded for their very survival, and flexibility combined with a vicious 100%-presence are essential elements to feel the flow of the hidden dimensions inbetween. Which is also why these fellows coincidentally happen to be the real players and true frontrunners of the world at the moment.

Inevitably, this leads us to the bottom line of this little journey: What a major blow to the establishment! Although, one can’t deny that they had it coming considering that they are soundly founded upon ignorance and falsehood. In the end though, it was all just a game, in which the truth eventually held sway. And, unsurprisingly, we’re left with the dubious choice between two evils as we’re forced by law to go down. Actually, Mother Nature will do the choosing. We can only play the cards we’ve been dealt, in accord with strict topological rules. At the moment it seems increasingly likely that She’ll go for a massive eruption from one of Her super-volcanoes, probably Yellowstone, only to catapult the world into a dreadful decades-long volcanic winter, and a brand new iceage to go with that, or, She could stay the course and keep heating up, only to end up completely uninhabitable before we now it.

Either way, one thing appears to be perfectly clear: Winter is approaching. The 80y-cycle is entering its last leg with The Fourth Turning stirring. Predictably, this time around it comes with haunting echoes from the realm of our fallen soldiers, branded as it is by this disturbingly bad omen:

The Fimbulwinter


The silverlining; as the vikings knew all too well, in the end the best one can do is to party like there’s no tomorrow! And you can rest assured; you are invited. Simply because the essence is provided in one exquisitly divine fashion.

Finally, I’ll leave you with the tip of the day, courtesy of the undisputed General of Relativity himself:

«Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth»

Albert Einstein