Love alone can transform insanity, confusion, and strife. No system, no theory of the left or of the right can bring peace and happiness to man. Where there is love, there is no possessiveness, no envy; there is mercy and compassion, not in theory, but actually for your wife and for your children, for your neighbor and for your servant. . . . Love alone can bring about mercy and beauty, order and peace. There is love with its blessing when “you” cease to be.

J. Krishnamurti, The Book of Life

Brutal Honesty

These words bring about a tremendous amount of hope in me. Yet, in known fashion, the wisdom delivered by this intriguingly fascinating philosopher is of no less than cataclysmic nature. Inside most of his work there’s a supersharp double-edged sword to be found. Easily available in this quote, yet I feel its most valuable presence in the very last sentence. He’s nailing the truth with pitch-perfect precision, and encapsulating My Life To Live and everything I believe in with these 11 words. The reason I say that this particular sentence is double-edged is nicely illustrated in the beginning of the quote, inwhich he slams down these destructive systems scavenging the face of the earth. With brutal honesty he leaves no survivors; Jiddu Krishnamurti in a nutshell.

The Structure

In my eyes he’s saying that a systemic flatline is not only needed, but also something we should embrace. And love┬áis the key. Love is poison and devastating for the rotten and corrupt systems operating under false flags by promoting freedom, justice and structural order. We’ve been taught that without these systems we would unleash hell. Yet that is as untrue and fake as fake can be. The reason for this is that then, and only then, will true love show its true power. The structure of love is not only unbeatable, it is downright vital to get into play on a grand scale if we are to dodge that gargantuan iceberg we’re about to crash into; Titanic-style.

Amore is the poison yet also the remedy.