Fighting is no different than healing. It is all about directing your Qi. You make the choice of how you use your Qi every day. One minute you heal someone, the next you defend yourself against attack. What’s the difference?

Duan Zhi Liang

These impressively wise words serve as the cornerstone of Chaos-Style-Combat(CSC). Not only is the grandfather of Wuji Hundun Qigong Kungfu revealing the key for a good health, he is also leading us straight to the source and an extremely effective weapon in battle. To be fair, CSC is nothing more than a careful development of the timeless practice of Wuji Hundun. By sticking to the concept in which there is no ego – no you or me, we get acquainted with an awesome, expansive spiritual energy that guides us inside this riddled and misty realm of infinite happiness. At its core we find flexibility, not only in the body, but in the spirit. Consider the word hundun, meaning chaos in chinese. It refers to the nature of our very existence; everything is in a constant state of flux.

This is the essence of CSC; to accept the chaos as an everpresent element and bedrock of our relative reality.

If you look at the coin above you’ll notice a chinese symbol. It means something like elemental Qi. By approaching the phenomena branded with the name chaos as an element we swiftly discover an infinite amount of possibilities. I find this perfectly illustrated by the symbol above.

Further, I’ve involved the word style simply to emphasize the fact that the spellbinding beauty provided by the chaos-element is nothing short of flawless. For instance, zoom in on zebras and tigerstripes as its fine signatures and appreciate that these are merely the tip of the iceberg. Yet to fully embrace, let alone get into position to catch a glimpse of this immensely powerful freeflow, you’ll not only need to get thoroughly grounded and in touch with terrafirma, awareness in every sense of the word is essential. Which is why I’ve thrown the word combat into the mix; it’s an effective reminder of what it takes to roll with chaos, and avoid being rolled over by it.

Admittedly, the illunderstood concepts of chaos and combat all sound a bit dark and destructive, but that’d be nothing more than appearances, I assure you. As with Wuji Hundun, the concept of moving meditation is vital within CSC. And because of the undeniable fact that we’re constantly moving, I find an imeasurable dosage of inspiration by squinting sideways to the vicious selfdefencesystem called Capoeira. Designed to appear as a dance it captures to perfection what CSC is all about; get groovy.

Unsurpringly, the bottom line is that the currency of choice will always be to stay healthy. And to get wealthy you simply give away plenty of high fives along the way. The reward is lavish, to say the least.

We must help each other in this life; there is no other way. Teach those who seek understanding. Learn from those who have experience. Listen to nature all around you and be fed.

Duan Zhi Liang

Armed to the teeth


csc_intro from mj0ln1r on Vimeo.