Foxy Dancer by Jean Walker
Foxy Dancer

FOXY: I was jus’ slay the other day, by this 1 guy AXIS-sumt’n, cun’t remember his name.
He give me this way 2 say: 1 need 2 C that She is We 2 B Vikky G…

( Image and poem are made in honor of a beautiful little fox, who accidentally jumped in front of my car(licenseplate:AX 15…) one late summer night. RIP )

Admittedly, I’m not at all very fixated about the vast universe of the infamous grammatix. I’m definitely more of an illgrammer kinda guy 🙂

This skepticism towards the jungle of rules has its roots from my youth. I never felt comfortable at school. Yet it wasn’t until I stumbled upon the legendary writing on the Wall, which makes it unmistakably clear that “We don’t need no education”, that my belief took a firm hold on me.

Now, that’s not to say that the grammatix got nothing to say, mind you. Essentially, I find it as a useful tool and a perfect reminder of what really matters, namely the Present. And to repeat the fact that this moment right now is nothing but a brilliant gift of magic, cannot be done too often.

Axistential Brilliance

To put that in context, I always like to remind myself that I constantly fly. As a part of this relatively small blue planet of ours, I get to chase around the sun in an impressive manner, simultaneously spinning around my own axis in a breathtaking speed. The present of the moment is unprecedented; I get to walk around on this piece of rock, seemingly untouched by this outrageous movement constantly going on.

The Big Setup

Sadly, this precious gift of God is frighteningly easy to take for granted. Which is definitely not a new phenomena. Simply by taking a closer look on a couple of very common definitions, we quickly understand that this tendency goes way back. The most striking examples would be sunrise and sunset. Clearly, these are grave misunderstandings, as we all know by now that it’s only thanks to our own hustle that the sun appears to be rising and then setting. The result is that we deny the truth every time we say sunrise and sunset. It’s not necessarily that big of a deal, as long as we correct ourselves every now and again.

The Belly Of The Beast

I like to compare it with the way we breathe; to reach the “point of no return” aka chakra, located deep inside the stomach, we need to use our consciousness and imagine that we fill up our belly with air. If we repeatedly say to ourselves that we only breath with our lungs, we fail to “catch the flow”, and our health will slowly deteriorate.

There’s an old saying here in Norway that “it goes troll in the words”, meaning that what we say becomes reality. It serves as a warning that we need to watch our mouths and be careful with what we say. A good reminder for thinking twice the next time we enjoy the spectacular show by the name of sunrise.

Finally, I’d like to give some credit to the modern representatives of the ancient world of grammatix for introducing me to a couple of brand new words (in reality, refurbished old concepts, it feels like:) ; gender-fluid and yolo(you only live once, aka carpe diem)

All good things must come 2 an end 😉

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By Comfreak @ Pixabay