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Fire by LQD-Denver @ Pixabay

Information Overload

We’ve been living in the Age Of Information for a while now. It sounds very positive and uplifting to say that we are awfully well-informed these days. Surely, there are no problems we can’t fix if we consider the amount of information available to us, right? Yet we needn’t look far to find that the reality we’ve created for ourselves haven’t exactly gathered momentum to the upside these past 50 years. Quite the contrary to be blunt. Consider this; the state of our fellow animals in the wilderness have deteriorated in alarming fashion on this blue planet of ours. Whilst we’ve been gorging in an infinite amount of information, this report seems to have gone by more or less unnoticed: World on track to lose two-thirds of wild animals by 2020, major report warns

The Fall Of A Hero

And most certainly, it doesn’t stop there; the list of bad omens is evolving and growing frighteningly fast. Yet, luckily not as speedy as our precious facebook-feed is pounded with fresh and vital updates needed to be digested ASAP to stay ahead. Some years ago the TV used to be called the opium for the people. These days the electronic realm goes by the name of Digital Heroin. As if this is not a bad enough omen to create some kind of movement in itself (lets face it; keeping our fingers moving will not make that back pain go away, let alone help us avoid the dreadful Dead Butt Syndrome), I’d like to point out a couple more issues that I find urgent. Firstly, we’ve got some serious problems regarding one of the wonders of the world, namely the one and only Great Barrier Reef. This awe-inspiring organism have been pumping out oxygen into the atmosphere at a large scale for no less than 25 million years. Here’s the status quo from Down Under: Great Barrier Reef at ‘terminal stage’: scientists despair at latest coral bleaching data

Suffocating Oceans

Fascinatingly, it turns out that corals are the proud producers of no less than 50% of all the oxygen we get to enjoy on this beautiful planet. And that they’re in troubled waters is all too obvious: Oxygen Levels in Oceans Plummet as Planet Warms It goes without saying that these issues will inevitably have an impact on all of us, sooner rather than later. Even though we’re not suffering from a lack of oxygen just yet, we’re certainly stumbling into some large scale challenges across the board: World faces worst humanitarian crisis since 1945, says UN official

Realism, the new pessimism

The reason I highlight this information is not because I’m particularly pessimistic as a person. It’s rather that I believe in the necessity of a realistic understanding of our situation in order to choose the right approach. Additionally, I feel that the state of affairs I’ve presented above is completely overlooked in the big picture. Absorbed and forgotten in today’s overwhelming flow of information. And whilst speaking about the big picture I will present a couple of very informative and thorough overviews encapsulating the essence of our status quo: Self-Reinforcing Feedback Loops by Guy McPherson @ Nature Bats Last, and CIVIL WAR II – FOURTH TURNING INTENSIFYING by Jim Quinn @ The Burning Platform.

Seize The Moment

Despite these immense challenges we’re facing, I remain optimistic; if we stick together and enjoy the present as best as we can, we’ll be able to act as one unit and finally let love lead the way.

Come what come may
Time and the hour runs through the roughest day

– William Shakespeare

And rest assured, days will get rough.

Hence, we better roll up our sleeves, seize the moment and above all; Keep Moving