The W by Jean Walker
The W

What I find the most impressive with the W is not its powerful representation as an elemental trademark, giving its signature to none other than wind and water. No, it’s rather its fascinating ability to express the essence of my personal religion in one highly efficient and minimalistic fashion. Its pronounciation says it all; double you. And here’s the fundament of my belief:

I am you. You are me. And when I help you, Mother Nature goes high five.

I Got Feelings

In other words; I am a mirrored reflection of you, hence I double you, so to speak. I involve nature into the equation for several reasons; Firstly, because I have this deep love-affair going on with this outrageously beautiful third rock from the sun. Secondly, because I truly believe that this planet deserves some attention these days. And thirdly, because I regard our complex and ill-understood human bodies as perfect products of Mother Nature. Scientifically speaking, the way She goes high five when we help each other is by creating certain chemicals or hormones inside our bodies making us feel good. Concepts like aura and karma are also governed by Mother Nature, and will most likely reward good deeds, yet these are more shady elements and difficult to fully comprehend.

Battlefield Earth

Another shady business where we find the W at work is the industialized activity we call war. From what I’ve heard, the society as of today would not function without some kind of war going on somewhere around the world.

Now, the concept of war is nothing new. Brutal slaughtering of each other was a natural part of everyday life back in the old days, and it’s even incorporated deep into the core of certain religions. Take for instance the vikings. Their complete way of life revolved around warfare. This was made possible by a beliefsystem based upon the battle itself. Their ultimate goal in life was to die on the battlefield.

The Ska In Scandinavia

These barbarians had their foothold in Scandinavia, and their history gives us some kind of common ground up here in the north. It certainly helped me to feel somewhat at home when I was roaming the streets of a wintermuted Copenhagen  a while back. Strangely, the Freeside of town, Christiania, bears the same name as the capitol of Norway, Oslo, used to be called.

Being a regular in The Green Light District, it was whilst rolling a spliff and getting some warmth at one of the superb joints(pun intended) on this old prison island, that I noticed it. Carved out on the wall beside me, unmistakeably clear: Jihad. My first reaction was like; shit! The terrorists. They’re all over. It’s war!

The Aftermath

When the paranoia eased off, I started to ponder about this strange encounter on my way back to the other side of the city, crossing the Longbridge by foot, as usual. As little as I know about islam, I had to interpret the word jihad with the limited amount of knowledge that I had. Based upon my love of the J, I started out by explaining to myself that Christiania’s fight for legalization of Mary Jane could somehow symbolize a holy war. An amusing thought, yet a bit too shallow, I quickly realized. After a while I started to see the similarities between the view of the vikings and islam; dying in the war will be rewarded in the afterlife.

Denial Is Futile

What makes the concept of jihad stand out, though, is its precise translation to a holy war. From what I understand, this war is against the faithless. Now, as I have a deep respect for all religions on this planet, I do believe they are cleverly thought out systems, not under any circumstances to be underestimated. Yet because of this immense amount of knowledge and deep understanding of the human being as a whole, there’s always room for misinterpretations. And interpret we must. As inevitable as the fact that we all must believe. Mother Nature designed us to believe what our senses tell us. In a way one could say that we’re all religious; you must have faith in your heart, that it’ll keep pounding for a while, and that it just managed to push an impressive amount of blood throughout your body as we speak. There’s no room for denial of the fact that your breath just gave you a solid rechargment.

She Leaves No Survivors

Neither is it possible to escape the fact that one must kill to survive. Even the apple on the ground must be slaughtered. It’s laying there, minding its own business, working hard to become healthy soil for its creator, the tree. It is holy, as everything else. And if we define war as an act of killing, we pretty much have a holy war going on constantly, whether we like it or not.

This workaround not only opens up the doors to Valhalla and what not, it also gives an explanation to why we walk around and say Holy shit! alot 🙂

Jean Walker

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